40 Weeks or 280 Days of scripture, insight, and encouragement to overcome sexual addiction in all its forms. Sexual sin steals the inner strength of men and the inner beauty of women leaving both alone and desperate for love and self-respect. Samson: restoring his inner strength to stand again. Delilah: restoring her inner beauty to love again.

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  • Who is this 40 Week Challenge for?
    • Anyone; but mostly Christians struggling with porn and other sexual sin.
  • Do I have to wait until this course begins again to join?
    • No, Start now! Remember the week you started and keep going until that week comes around again.
  • Will the next course be a repeat of the earlier course?
    • The principles of overcoming sexual sin do not change with culture; however, I start over with fresh videos and teaching every 40 Weeks.
  • What if I fail the 40 Week Challenge?
    • If you tripped in a marathon, I would hope you don’t return to the starting line, you may never finish the race! Instead pick yourself up and continue the race to the finish line. Then enter the next marathon expecting to do better than at first. Keep repeating until you win!
  • Is personal counseling or accountability available?
    • No, I am not licensed as a Personal Counselor. I offer Bible Scripture and encouragement.
    • No, not at this time. Personal Accountability is best with someone you know and trust personally.
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Join me in prayer
I repent for this nation and my sexual sins of: adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pornography and masturbation. We have broken your commandments and live a life of selfishness and perversion. I ask you to forgive us and deliver us from this present evil.

Father, I ask you to give the United States of America repentance for breaking the covenant of marriage. Because we the Church have a high divorce rate and have not kept Holy Matrimony holy; homosexual marriage and civil unions are not seen as profane.

Father, I ask you to raise up preachers of righteousness in Hollywood & Broadway to deliver them from perverse ways so that they may glorify your name.

Father, I ask you to help us as individuals to not even allow the appearance of evil in our daily lives and in those that we are in relationship.

Father, I ask you to bring the Church to the forefront of addressing and bring healing to the sexual broken-hearted.

In the name of Jesus in whom there is no other in which one can be saved and set free.
Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Beholden Sunday #9-12

  • A covenant with your eyes.
  • Touching with your thoughts.
  • Vet and cast down your thoughts.
  • Think on these things.

Finish the race Monday #9-12

  • I was shaped in sin.
  • Woe is me; I am a man of unclean lips.
  • A wretch that I am, no condemnation no sentencing.
  • Conviction vs Condemnation!

Adult Bible Stories Tuesday #9-12

  • Samson PT2
  • Samson PT3
  • Samson PT4
  • Samson PT5

The Cross Wednesday #9-12

  • Cut it off… pluck it out…
  • Fall at the feet of Jesus.
  • Surrender your life.
  • Willing & Weak

Thirsty Thursday #9-12

  • Abstinence vs Purity
  • Drink from your own well
  • Don’t think God is going to make you a eunuch! PT1
  • Don’t think God is going to make you a eunuch! PT2

Prayer Friday #9-12

  • You cannot live on porn. But by…
  • Fasting & Prayer
  • King David & Psalms 51
  • Unite my heart to fear your name.

Saturday in the Park #9-12

  • Dopamine vs Joy
  • Entertainment vs Recreation
  • Remember the Sabbath
  • Get off the merry-go-round.
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