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Current Series

High Maintenance Christian Video Series

  1. Desire of the Heart
  2. In What You Delight You Abide
  3. The War Over Delight & Desire
  4. Will & Desire
  5. The Trinity of Self
  6. Hanged on a Tree
  7. What Do You Have to Have to Be Obedient
  8. Master Desire Before Desire Master's You
  9. Man After God's Own Heart
  10. Son After The Father's Heart
  11. Low Maintenance Christian
  12. High to Low: Now Go!
  13. Psalms 37:1-9
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DW39: Colossains 4:12
Heaven or Hell
8 0f 9 Reasons Jesus Came to Earth
9 0f 9 Reasons Jesus Came to Earth |
Before judging someone first
First deal with the elephant in the room
Remember who first loved you
Return to your first love
First sit at the feet of Jesus
Before the Post Sept 2023

Samson & Delilah
Everyday Encouragement